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Why are HK, Taiwan bickering over murderer’s fate?

Credits to the Source Link Su Xinqi and Yan Zhao
Why are HK, Taiwan bickering over murderer's fate?

Hong Konger Chan Tong-kai admits to murdering his pregnant girlfriend in a Taipei hotel room nearly two years ago. He has even said he is willing to return to Taiwan and face trial. Yet he remains a free man. Why?

The strangulation of 19-year-old Poon Hiu-wing by Chan was a crime that set off a chain of events still reverberating today.

It inadvertently led to the huge democracy protests that swept through Hong Kong last year. 

And it has taken center stage in China’s ongoing campaign to keep Taiwan diplomatically isolated as the self-ruled island pushes to be treated like a sovereign nation.

Trapped in the middle is Poon’s desperate mother who has pleaded in vain over the last year for Hong Kong and Taiwan to find a way to bring her daughter’s killer to justice.

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