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Nearly Six Weeks Later, Gonsalves Moped Crash Investigation Still Unresolved

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Nearly Six Weeks Later, Gonsalves Moped Crash Investigation Still Unresolved

Saturday, November 28, 2020


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AG Peter Neronha (left) and Public Safety Commissioner Steven Paré (right) on October 19. Photo: Latino Public Radio

The results of the investigation into the moped crash that seriously injured Jhamal Gonsalves on October 18 in Providence are still pending, nearly six weeks later. 

At a press conference the day following the crash, Providence Police said they believed the investigation into what took place would take two weeks — and that Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha would have an “independent” role in determining whether Providence police faced criminal liability.

“I predict it will take [police] at least two weeks before they complete their review,” said Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Paré.

This Sunday now marks six weeks since the crash. 

On October 19, Neronha said his office would move as “quickly as possible.”

“I understand and I conscious of the public’s desire to know, and get answers and get conclusions very quickly,” said Neronha. “I understand that impulse, and why it exists. At the same time, we have to be very confident that we’re getting it right. Those are two things that are inherently in tension. We recognize that — we’re going to move as quickly as we can here.”

This week, Neronha’s office said the investigation is still ongoing. 

“Our office continues to investigate the incident in which Jhamal Gonsalves was seriously injured,” said Kristy DosReis, spokesperson for the AG’s office, this week. “Throughout the investigation, we have maintained contact with the Gonsalves family through their attorney.”

“We are still in the process of reviewing the video and audio evidence, numerous witness interviews, medical records, vehicle crash data, and accident reconstruction report,” she added. “We are committed to a thorough, careful and transparent review.”
“At this juncture, we have not yet arrived at a final conclusion regarding criminal liability on the part of any officer or officers involved in this tragic incident,” said DosReis. “Once we are able to draw those conclusions, it is our goal to provide that information to the Gonsalves family and the public as quickly as possible.”

In mid-November, an attorney representing Gonsalves’ family said they had turned over a “new” video to Neronha’s office. It is unclear is Providence Police or the attorney general’s office already had the video.


Videos Released, Protest Held — RI Awaits Results 

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Footage from the body camera footage released by police.

On October 19, police — and Neronha — held their first press conference, with Chief of Police Hugh Clements — and Neronha — at a press conference Monday afternoon, announcing it will likely take at least two weeks for an investigation to conclude what led up to the crash.

That Tuesday, on October 20, a “Justice for Jhamal” protest took place in Providence, with multiple arrests.

On Monday, October 26, police released body camera footage of the incident.  As GoLocal reported:

Paré said that none of the body camera footage shows the point of impact.

“We have not received any video of the point of crash at that scene,” said Paré. 

“What we have we will share with the public,” said Paré. “How Jhamal was injured is a priority of this investigation.”

Paré said that he expects the investigation to be completed within the week, as police had previously indicated they believed it would take two weeks. 

He added that the conduct of officers leading up to the incident, as well as following, are all under investigation for administrative review as well. 

Providence police have not released the results of their investigation.



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