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Alleged drug kingpin arrested in Dunnottar

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There was no place to hide for an alleged drug peddler as the police pounced and cornered him in Dunnottar on Monday morning.
The man was arrested along Nigel Road at about 9am as he was allegedly delivering drugs to his customers.
According to Sgt Harry Manaka, Duduza SAPS communications officer, the man was found in possession of crystal meth, or Kat as it is commonly known.

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Police said they have been on the heels of this dealer for some time and he is believed to be behind the distribution of large quantities of drugs in the Duduza and Dunnottar areas.
Through a collaboration between the Duduza and Dunnottar police, the man was finally arrested.
Drugs as well as cash believed to be the proceeds of selling illicit substances were found and confiscated.
A number of cellphones were also found in his possession.

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Upon his arrest, the male attempted to bribe the police officers by offering them R2 000 if they let him go, but the police would not hear it.
A charge of attempted bribery was added.

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